I have to sign-in at most of the sites at work in and I have been trying to put as few pen strokes as possible. One of the ways I try to do that is to put an A or P depending on when I arrive or leave. I could probably use military time but there are those among us who may not know what that is. What I found today, while I was signing out, is that the signal would really just need to be a version ofˎ. This is the only difference, depending on your writing style, between an A and P. This would be easier for me but then I need to put together work instructions and training and on and on. What does this have to do the Mistakeproofing? Well, later that day I pull into a “resturant” drive-thru and ordered at large Caramel Mocha coffee. Now it is spring in the northeast / midwest so it is getting warmer and sunnier. So what did I receive when I got to the third or fourth drive thru? An iced coffee. I wanted a regular hot coffee. So what signal did I miss? I have ordered this same drink from the same establishment, almost on a weekly basis from the same people no less and this time it was wrong. I really focus on distilling documentation and communication down to as few items as possible to make sure the important items, read signal, gets through. But what I find is that mistake proofing a mechanical process or even an email is much easier than the interface between the customer and business, what  Jan Carlzan termed The Moment of Truth. The employees were nice and they genuinely wanted to satisfy my need but I still ended up with a frozen concoction rather than a smooth warm dark roast. I looked back up at the menu and noticed that stated above the options were iced or hot. Should they ask me which one I wanted? Should there be a different name for the iced versus regular. Should one be called Caramel Mocha Klondike versus Caramel Mocha Caliente? I don’t know but apparently I need some training or they need to pepper me with yet another question to get what I want. I will say, the cost was correct. That didn’t get messed up.