I have recently been working with a team that is developing standard work and mistakeproofing tools to improve the performance of a piece of labeling equipment. The team is engaged as well as the supervision and leadership of the site but we have entered a precarious point. This is the point at which one transfers the knowledge and work of the team to the greater part of the workforce. We have continuously worked to keep leadership and other operators / maintenance / supervision in the loop but here is the moment of truth for the facility. Can the greater part of the team continue with the progress? Here is what we have focused on:

     Leadership engaged, trained and ready to lead / audit the process Develop

     Operators / Maintenance personnel understand and trained Audit checklists and tools to keep the process moving forward What are we missing?

This process will take approximately 2 weeks to get through the site and probably another 4 to 6 weeks of strict usage to create the habits needed for this to continue but I am wondering what else am I missing? Here are some items that are worrying me:

     How do I “sell” this to the rest of the group? Worhthile work, improved Safety / Quality / Productivty? What else?

      Skin in the game – How do I get them to participate and have feedback to what the team has already done? I have checklists and Kaizen forms for improvement but how do I get them in the game?

      Celebration – What is an appropriate way to celebrate wins with the core group and the greater team without adversely impacting the morale? Two different celebrations? Smaller, individual pats on the back? What else?

This is what I have found where the program either blossoms or struggles. Also, the team has developed standard work for supervision as well to ensure that everyone is playing by the same rules. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.