My wife and I are staining our deck. Correction, my wife is staining our deck and I am helping. A couple of things popped up as we were going through this the last couple of weeks:

1. It is probably too early in spring in the North Central area to count on the weather cooperating

2. Her perceptions of a good job and mine, though not statistically significantly off, are enough to have at least one or two conversations starting with “Are you kidding me?”

3. When there is a transition from my work to her work or vice versa, there is inevitably a mis-step or points that don’t intersect.

Let me briefly illustrate each phenomena:

We had to wait a 1.5 weeks between powerwashing and staining because after 2 beautiful 70 degree plus days, it rained and got cold. Oh, and I think we got some snow or at least flurries.

Part Duex,
There were areas that she was concerned about because they were close or even in mulch and if mulch gets in your brush, it is over. Well, what did I do? I jump right in and literally paint over the mulch and the dirt. Even the dirt that is on the deck landing! Needless to say it came out okay but it could have been done better.

Part Tres,
A spider invaded her space part way through the process and after dealing with the bug, I have to say it was huge! I had to lift with my legs, she continued onto another portion on the deck and I finished that area. What I didn’t notice was that I had totally missed one side of the spindles because I thought she had already done them. So, as the night creeps up on our backyard, I am out there hanging off a in bare feet with about 1.5 ounces of stain left, literally trying to throw the stain onto the bare areas. I couldn’t get any closer, you see, because the whole thing was still wet and I couldn’t wait until tomorrow. No, that is not being proactive.

We got through it. But it is funny how to people that have leaved together for years still struggle with knowing what the other person needs, wants, and is doing. How much harder is that for a company to put their finger on just the triggers that their experience brings to their customers and consumers.