You have engagement and a fired up team. You perform the value stream analysis and document the changes. By day three of the event, the team is actually more charged up than on Monday. Standard Work is developed and then pilots are performed, very quickly but the team is confident this is the way to go. The team force ranked the action items so there isn’t a laundry list left for “other” people to do. The report out goes well and the team answers the leadership questions with skill and takes notes on next steps and follow-up items. I congratulate the team and move to another project / plant / presentation. I come back two weeks later and the list of action items, actually looks longer. The training and standard work has not moved. The Gantt chart has a beard on it!! Ridiculous, you might think, but what did I forget? I did not demand the change management and hand-off process before I landed. I made the presentation and the leadership said, “This is great!!” When can we start? After I state the obvious, what are you going to stop doing to do this? I needed to state what is the current change management and policy deployment process? How successful have you been making changes in your organization? What are the stumbling blocks, really? I say really because I have had many leaders state that it is up to them to make things happen. I get that and I believe they can do it but without a process in place, it will probably die on the vine. I also should have stated that hey, I can do this or at least help them through the process. This is a cautionary tale that I state to make sure the foundation and I mean the real foundation is in place before any continuous improvement project.