I recently was travelling with my extended family and we got to our hotel early. Not a few minutes earlier than check-in, about 5 hours before check-in. It was not a problem because we had plenty to do. Still, a couple items bothered us. One was that when we waited in the lobby for our rooms, other walked in without reservations and got their rooms. Not a big deal but we had been on the road for 8 to 10 hours before getting there so we were a little frustrated as well as ripe. Another item was that we were unable to use some of the facilities while we waited until we spoke to the assistant manager about the situation. Long story short, we got our rooms approximately 20 minutes later than check-in and it was through the heroics of the assistant manager that we got in them. After all was said and done, with the family settled away and cleaned up and rested, I thought, what did we actually accomplish? Did we really make the process better for anyone or did we just inconvenience another family as well as the front staff? So after reflecting on this, I tried to talk to the assistant manager but I couldn’t find him. What I did do, though, was send a note with about a half dozen suggestions that may be helpful in the future for the organization. Will they even look at it or implement any of the ideas? Will it spark another, even better, idea or process? I don’t know but what I will say is that I tried to make tomorrow a better experience for the front staff, managers and customers than today.