Let me start off by stating I am not a great golfer. Not even a good or passable golfer. I stink. I have gone golfing about 4 times this year and only one long nine golf course. I usually get handed an abacus instead of a scorecard. I score on a par three course what the average golfer does on a traditional 18 hole course. I digress.

I went out a couple of nights ago with my brothers and nephew and after losing 3 balls and breaking every tee I had, my brother gives me the tee in the picture below. Did I mention that it was only the third hole? Anyway, the tee helped.

Golf and Visual Management

The markings gave me the control I needed to hit my tee shot adequately. I am not saying I didn’t make mistakes but I would put the tee lower when I was using an iron or 3 wood. This helped me get the ball in the air without shooting turf further than the ball. I put it on the higher marking when I used a driver. This gave me the ability to not turn the ball into a worm burner. I usually like to use a tee ball tee but that is socially unacceptable where I play golf.

The rest of the course was sloppy at best. It was raining and there was a good bit of lightening. I know, I know, common sense would have gotten off the course. But the tee shots were better than I had done in the past and some of that was related to being able to control the height at which I set up the tee.
Whoever came up with this, I thank you.