Snapping Turtle 07122013

I was running one afternoon in my neighborhood and I came across this turtle. His shell was roughly 10 inches across so he was good size. The question that I kept asking is, “How can I help?” I could put him on the other side of the fence, but that would assume that he wanted to get over to the other side. I could put him on the other side of the path so he doesn’t get run over but once again, is that where he want’s to go?

There is a creek bed on the side of the fence that I am on. May be he wants to be there. Should I carry him over to the water’s edge? Will that mess up his pheromone trail? Does a snapping turtle even have a pheromone trail?

What does this have to do with Continuous Improvement? Think about the Value Proposition.

How many organizations or even families create ideas of what someone else wants and spend time, money and resources on the belief just to find out nobody wants the product or service and sometimes it even makes it worse. Think about running shoes. In Born to Run and other texts it shows that once you get beyond protecting your feet from cuts and abrasions, almost anything will work.

Back to the turtle. What did I do? I kept running. After several scenarios went through my head about his/her perception of value as well as a couple of scenes of me in an ER, I ran. I wasn’t sorry, after all I didn’t know what he values and what role, if any, I could play. Sometimes doing nothing, after thinking through what is going on, may be the best choice.