I was working on a couple of projects related to one specific piece of equipment and the surrounding area. The team worked on the area and removed many items that were either not being used or were defects or unnecessary items. We had cleaned up the work space though it wasn’t to the standard 5S deployment and visual management so we still had some work to do.

Once arriving at the site and work area I saw this:
5S by any means necessary

Now, there had been some resistance to painting squares where items were stored but I had not seen this type of “Set in Order” and “Standardization” deployed in any other sites that I had worked. Now this was not the area we were working on but it was an adjacent one and the fan did not move and we always knew, within the length of the chain, where it would be. This may be one of those times where the spirit versus the letter of the law may have gone awry but there was definitely some cross-pollination of the concepts across the site!