This blog is an open letter for all those who do continuous improvement as well as for those who are just getting involved or learning about the process. The site will not focus on learning other language phrases for things that can be stated in common discourse. Reading and interacting with this blog will not give you a degree or be able to break a board with your head or your hand. This is simply a way to communicate come of the basic concepts as well as discuss other, perhaps deeper, concerns. It may stray off course from time to time but the drive is it start a conversation not a how to or organization hack. One other item is that this is for those in the for profit, not for profit and the glorious middle, mission profit or what ever term someone will end up tagging to the movement. This is about starting and continuing the quest for the delivery of product / service to others in such a way that the customer or end consumer can think of no one else when they think of your endeavor. That could be a GED or a nuclear sub. Thank you,